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About Us

About Panda Vinyl

Hi I’m Nikki and welcome to my shop, Panda Vinyl Arts. I’m 32 and live with my Fiancé Max and my little boy, Finley, who is 8 but some day’s thinks he is 15… We also share this home with our Bulldog Fenton, St Bernard Simba and our 3 cats, Tiggs, Cristian and our not so little “chonk” Milo.

I created this business and these products to make shopping for a gift or yourself simple and easy. Clothing will be available in a majority of sizes and colours as well as being completely customisable to your own personal choice!

Want to add a name or date onto the artwork? No problem. Want to have something created for a special occasion? No problem! Get in touch on the contact us page or my social media platforms and we can design something together that you will love!

All of my products are handmade with love and care and delivered via Royal Mail right to your door!

Any order from yourself goes to helping a small business succeed so I really look forward to hearing from you!



Panda Vinyl Arts